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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: [Antidote] ToDo
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 18:33:34 GMT
Craig Campbell wrote:
 > All,
 > For the xdocs stuff, should we decide on new @tags that should be
 > added to tasks for GUI integration?

The XDoclet team has done some work on defining @tags for specifying 
required/not-required fields and probably some other pieces I haven't 
noticed yet.  I'd like to merge the two together somehow so that the 
work Steve and I did on tagging Ant's source code can work well with 
what XDoclet has done.  I expect I'll be doing some XDoclet work with 
the proposal/xdocs in the next couple of weeks and getting it back to life.

 > to generate the schema that we will use for the task definitions.  So
 > here is my list of things that I believe the schema will be used for
 > (the majority are already handled by the DTD so it shouldn't be a big
 > jump): - task chooser - nested elements allowed - tag name -
 > customized editors for tasks/types (The introspection will take place
 > when the schema is made, this is currently non-existant). - type
 > (task, datatype, etc...  this will be the generic identifier for what
 > icon to use unless specified using the icon tag) - icon (optional) -
 > anything I forgot or needs to be added?

Now what to do for DynamicConfigurator implementing classes?!  :))

 > I agree with Eric about the specifications for task JARs and that we
 > need to push for this, but how far out are we from that?  My proposal
 > is that we don't wait for that to happen with Ant, but that we work
 > with the current implementation of the shipping tasks (ant.jar and
 > optional.jar), as well as the custom tasks third party developers
 > would like to add.  We build the pieces with the idea that someday,
 > tasks will be removed from the main ant.jar and optional.jar archive
 > and be put into their own separate packages.  This will also allow us
 > to be backward compatible with previous versions of Ant that don't
 > have the convience of separate packages.

I agree... lets just build it out for what we need for the 
builtin/optional tasks and we will develop conventions as we go.  We can 
leverage the fine work that XDoclet folks have done with their metadata 
and auto-discovery mechanisms too.


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