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From Nico Seessle <>
Subject Re: - Missing information on the website
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 09:56:59 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
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> Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 23:49
> Subject: - Missing information on the website
>>- I have found a very small book (in German): "Ant - kurz & gut", O┬┤Reilly,
>>by Stefan Edlich, ISBN 3-89721-241-2
> What do you think of it? I havent seen that one?

The text copied here is a good 
description of the contents.

The book is in the style of other books of the "kurz & gut"-series (the 
german variant of the english "Pocket Reference"-series). It's really 
"only" a short reference of what you will find in the Manual too, so if 
you have read you will learn 
nothing new from reading the book.

If you like to have a short-reference in german and you can live with 
the fact that the book is based on Ant 1.4 it may be worth it. (The same 
is probably true for the whole series of these books - if you have one 
of the "real" manuals there is not "real" need for them, but sometimes 
they are nice to have).

I've given mine to a colleague and he likes it more than the 
online-manual - that's probably because he doesn't use english in daily 
life so much :-)


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