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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: [Antidote] ToDo
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 21:48:34 GMT
Craig Campbell wrote:
 > Cristoph and Eric,
 >> Will we introspect the buildfiles for <taskdef [...]/> tags to look
 >> for custom tasks...?
 > Introspecting the buildfiles for taskdef might not be a bad idea.  If
 > we implement that solution, we can later expand it to link <ant
 > [...]/> tags to their buildfile or directory, as well as <antcall
 > [...]/> tags to their respective targets? Just a thought.
 >> Have you seen the DTDs in Antidote, which are used as
 >> taskdefinitions currently? Can we use Erics approach to generate
 >> such DTDs or would you prefer another solution?

The XDoclet stuff will be able to generate whatever metadata you want... 
we'd just have to have a template for the DTD, just like we have a 
template for the XML now.

 > I did see the DTDs and used them for each successive build I have
 > done, but consistently ran into the problem of custom tasks not
 > showing the children they excepted or the fields they had available
 > (when the customizer could not find the class and had to use the
 > table view).  I agree that Eric's approach will be better and will
 > generate the necessary DTDs much more efficiently than AntStructure.
 > However, this will require (at least I think) that we implement the
 > xdocs stuff in antidote for the above <taskdef [...]/> solution.  We
 > would need a shipping version of xdocs (or am I running down the
 > wrong path)?

What I'd like to see is that task "libraries" get packaged as such, 
similar to how XDoclet "modules" get packaged as JAR files with a 
mandatory metadata file in them (xtags.xml, I believe).  This makes them 
have to provide some information that the rest of the world can see. 
The builders of such task libraries would be responsible for creating 
that, either with XDoclet or by hand or any means they choose.

Perhaps its a bit too strong to mandate that tasks be shipped this way, 
but at least ones that wanted to play nicely with IDE's and tools like 
Antidote.  Thoughts?

 > Let me know if this is a possible solution: Require the creator of a
 > custom task to build a DTD for their task, by using the <xdoc
 > [...]/>, which would place the resulting files in a common directory
 > that Antidote would look in when it encounters a <taskdef [...]/>?

Oh, I just said that!  :)  Bingo.

DTD's are out... old school, though.  They should create an XML file 
that adheres to our schema/DTD though.

 > Unfortunately, the only solution that I have implemented has to to
 > with BeanInfo objects, and not the individual tasks.  However, just
 > to be clear, what you would like to see is a custom icon for <javac>,
 > <ant>, <mkdir>, etc... ?

I guess our Ant task "library" spec must include the ability to embed an 
icon for each task too :))

 > Again, these are just some ideas on how to best meet the needs of the
 > problem.  Let me know if I am way off.

You're right on, as far as I can tell.


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