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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: [Antidote] ToDo
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 19:30:18 GMT
Craig Campbell wrote:
 > Erik,
 > I figured we could cross the "Tasks that don't inherit from Task"
 > bridge when we came to it, but the xdocs metadata appears to be a
 > better choice.  I will look into it.  How close is it to going live
 > rather than just a proposal?

I used proposal/xdocs to generate the task reference appendix to our 
book... so its quite good.  Its not in a state that it should be 
migrated up to the main build of Ant yet, as it needs to be polished and 
generation of documentation needs to be enhanced.  Bill Burton did a 
nice job with turning the XML I generated into HTML documentation though.

Its my plan to get back into that codebase and upgrade it to the latest 
version of XDoclet.  I'd like to also turn the subtask/tag handler 
pieces into a true XDoclet "module", perhaps even as part of the XDoclet 
codebase so that anyone writing Ant tasks can use XDoclet to generate 
the appropriate metadata and documentation.

 > About the naming convention, would you believe that I saw the @tag
 > but didn't even think about using that. :-$


 > About the getXXX, setXXX, I believe that we definately need getters
 > for every setter, but for a gui such as Antidote we don't need
 > getters for the adders/creators, but it wouldn't be a bad programming
 > practice to provide them.  Until we have that the mapping setters to
 > properties has worked well enough to allow a fully customizable
 > editor for any task it can find the class for (I have been using it
 > for a couple of months now).

It will be interesting to see this in action if you can get it to be a 
generic editor for any number of levels deep, regardless of whether the 
sub-elements represent datatypes or just Java classes with 


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