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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject [Proposal] Fake Forrest
Date Sun, 22 Dec 2002 02:32:48 GMT
Hi all!

I'd like to tell you, that I like the design by APACHE-XML-FORREST team very
much and I'd like to see the Ant site in the same design. For I am not very
familiar with XSLT, not willing to change our XML-Files and I have certain
knowledge of Velocity/Anakia/VTL I've spend some time today to convert our
vsl's to generate html-pages, that look like they've been Forrest-generated.
I hope the Forrest team can forgive me ;-).

You can take a look at first results on a private homepage, where I've
loaded it up to: (beware of some
broken links there ;))

If you want to test it with Velocity: I've appended a ZIP with containing
the necessary files. It should work with nearly any Anakia xdocs on Apache
and Jakarta, but I've just tested with our ant-xdocs.

Some minor things have to be fixed, though! :)

This approach has certain advantages and disadvantages to be discussed:

+ We do not have to change ANY of our website xml documents
+ We have the nice Forrest-design in no time
- It's NOT Forrest and it's not as flexible (e.g. PDF-Creation)

And some I can't think of ATM: It's 3:33 AM :) *yawn*

I see this just as a first step in migrating to Forrest - what do you think?

Have fun!

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