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From Ian Darwin <>
Subject Fwd: Re: JSR199: JavaTM Compiler API - open for nominations of experts
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 20:21:45 GMT
JavaSoft is finally doing something about the difficulties of
figuring out how to invoke javac from inside Java. 
This new API will hopefully be included in Java 1.5.

This JCP project should probably have somebody who is an
active Ant developer (and JCP member?) onboard.

I am a Jakarta committer but do not work on Ant; if nobody from
the Ant team is interested, then I will put myself in (I have a
smaller non-Jakarta tool that does combines Ant's javac and java tasks in
one minitool).

So, please let me know if you are interested (but also sign up as

Cheers Antlers!
Ian Darwin

>>The Java(tm) Compiler API has entered the Java Community Process.
>>It is JSR 199.  See
>>	<>
>>We are now accepting nominees for experts.  If you or your
>>organization would like to participate in the definition of
>>this API, please fill out a nomination form on that page.
>>If your only interest is in following the progress of the expert
>>group as we work, you can join (or remain on) the mailing list
>>  To join that list, visit
>>	<>
>>I expect to post periodic updates on our progress.  Otherwise the
>>mailing list should see very low mail volume.  I would like to
>>keep the expert group small, and include mainly people who will
>>be either using the API or implementing it.  When you fill out
>>the nomination form, please also describe how you hope use the
>>API.  I expect that the expert group will do most (perhaps all)
>>of its work by email.
>>In order to join an expert group, you must be either a JCP member
>>or be covered under the "Individual Expert Participation Agreement".
>>For more information, see
>>	<>
>>Neal Gafter


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