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From "Stephane Bailliez" <>
Subject Re: JUNIT RUN
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 17:57:04 GMT
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From: <>

> I want to find out if there are anyway to know how many classes were
> for
> running JUNIT. Is there anyway to find out how many classes were run and
> how
> many classes were left out?
> Your guidance and answer will be highly appreciated.

Use a coverage tool like JProbe, Clover, etc...
A usual coverage tool usually report the number against the number of
classes that were loaded by the VM (ie classes that were at least used
once). This of course more than often give you the wrong numbers as you
never know which class you leave out during the testing process.

With the JCovReport Ant task you are able to have the classes left out as it
will post process the results against a given set of reference classes, thus
if you do your units tests and use as a reference all the classes of your
application, you will know exactly how much of your application you are

Caveat. This task works only with JProbe 3.0 and not 4.0.

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