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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: bylaws and scope discussion (was [Proposal] Resolution for Ant top level project)
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 09:06:54 GMT
Changing the subject to keep the bylaws discussion separate from the
resolution discussion.

On Tue, 05 Nov 2002, Costin Manolache <> wrote:
> Conor MacNeill wrote:

>> The term of the chair and the mode of future elections would be
>> covered by the bylaws of the Ant project.
> And probably a time limit would also be good ( like 2 terms ).

As we'd have periodic elections, is this really that important?  No
problem with it, though.

> - revolution rules ( those are specific to jakarta AFAIK - and I
> think they should be included in the bylaws or clarified ).

At least clarified, yes.  I think we should simply hook into what gets
put together by Ken (and others) for incubator.

> - if ant will have sub-projects - will we have multiple communities
> or a single community ( like jakarta-commons ) ?

I do have a personal opinion on the condition "if ant will have
sub-projects" and that is that we should avoid it for everything that
is not really closely related to Ant.  To me Gump would be out of
scope, far out of scope.  With that "closely related" in mind, in my
vision - that I certainly cannot and do not want to enforce - there
would only be a single community.

> - should we host an 'open sub-project' - open to jakarta and apache 
> committers - for contributed tasks ?

Possible, not sure.  If a task is closely related to a different
project it should go with that project IMHO.  Do we need another
commons project?

> - should we have a sandbox ( like jakarta-commons-sandbox ) for
> ant-specific work ?

Technically we already have so inside the jakarta-ant module, open to
all Ant committers.  Do you envision something else here?

> I would be very unhappy if we make the move without discussing all
> the details ( before !).

I'm not sure I follow you here.  How would the question whether Ant
had a sandbox affect your vote on the resolution?


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