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Subject RE: [PATCH] adds 'if'/'unless' to <antcall> (
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 15:06:49 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stefan Bodewig []
> In the case of <antcall> I pretty much doubt it would be too useful as
> you could always add the if/unless attributes to the target you intend
> to call.  Granted, you'd save the memory hit of reparsing the build
> file when you could know that it won't do anything, but that's pretty
> much all, no?

No, you can't really do that because if/unless tests for a properties
existence.  How would you *not* pass a property using <param>?  It's either
there or not.  If you meant to set a global property that the callable task
is dependent upon, that wouldn't work either because once the property is
set, it's set...  How would a different invocation invoke/not-invoke the

> The main reason against "all tasks" is that people would immediately
> start to overuse it and create incredibly complex build files that
> most of the time could have been written cleaner without those
> attributes.

I agree, if/unless on <property> makes no sense.  I'm only talking about

IMHO, <antcall> allows developers to write 'callable' tasks.  Without some
'callable' tasks, your build file will look like it's from rape-and-paste

I see <antcall> allowing me to write certain repetitive tasks
once-and-only-once.  If it's not desirable to use <antcall> in this way,
could someone give me an example of how <antcall> can be used more


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