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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject XMLCatalog needs urgent refactoring
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2002 15:02:54 GMT

I need to provide some ANT tasks (like XMLValidate) a different implementation (subclass)
of XMLCatalog
that knows how to resolve DTDs and external entities using things other than the simple publicId->fixlocation
mapping provided by XMLCatalog.

I have defined the new calatog, but it turns out there is no way to plug it into the applications
because XMLCatalog.addConfiguredXMLCatalog() does not delegate the serach to the other catalog
but instead it scans the internal datastructure (Vectors) of XMLCatalog to combine the two.

This renders any attempts to override the behaviour of XMLCatalog completely useless. 
Matters are made worst by the fact that tasks like XMLValidate create their own internal
instance of XMLCatalog (hardcodded) and ten use addConfiguredXMLCatalog() to actually load
the indicated catalog.

The fact that every method in XMLCatalog is private, instead of protected mae things even
dificult. I would like to propose a refactoring of this code so that befaviour can be redefined

better. I see two ways of achieving this:

1) Make XMLCatalog have a Vector of referenced catalogs and invoke recursively on them.
This will require making resolveImpl() and resolveEntityImpl() protected.

2) Making DTDLocation have associated behavior DTDLocation.resolve(publicId, systemId) and
allow to have
diferent implementations of this objects. This would allow for example having something like
DTDPrefixLocation which uses prefix for the matching and other such elements of full catalog

Maybe we need a mixture of the two.

Before I propose a patch, I would like to know what people think and what constraints there
are for
such a refactoring so that the patch is not rejected or becomes part of some religious war.

Please let me know your opinion,

Jose Alberto

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