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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: XMLCatalog needs urgent refactoring
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2002 15:31:28 GMT
I'm +1 on these refactorings.

As for things being private... thats the best way to start, in my 
opinion, and then open up when a need arises.


Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to provide some ANT tasks (like XMLValidate) a different implementation (subclass)
of XMLCatalog
> that knows how to resolve DTDs and external entities using things other than the simple
> mapping provided by XMLCatalog.
> I have defined the new calatog, but it turns out there is no way to plug it into the
> because XMLCatalog.addConfiguredXMLCatalog() does not delegate the serach to the other
catalog instances
> but instead it scans the internal datastructure (Vectors) of XMLCatalog to combine the
> This renders any attempts to override the behaviour of XMLCatalog completely useless.

> Matters are made worst by the fact that tasks like XMLValidate create their own internal
> instance of XMLCatalog (hardcodded) and ten use addConfiguredXMLCatalog() to actually
> the indicated catalog.
> The fact that every method in XMLCatalog is private, instead of protected mae things
even more
> dificult. I would like to propose a refactoring of this code so that befaviour can be
> better. I see two ways of achieving this:
> 1) Make XMLCatalog have a Vector of referenced catalogs and invoke recursively on them.
> This will require making resolveImpl() and resolveEntityImpl() protected.
> 2) Making DTDLocation have associated behavior DTDLocation.resolve(publicId, systemId)
and allow to have
> diferent implementations of this objects. This would allow for example having something
> DTDPrefixLocation which uses prefix for the matching and other such elements of full
catalog implementations.
> Maybe we need a mixture of the two.
> Before I propose a patch, I would like to know what people think and what constraints
there are for
> such a refactoring so that the patch is not rejected or becomes part of some religious
> Please let me know your opinion,
> Jose Alberto
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