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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: JMX and Ant (Re: Extending Ant [was RE: Comparing files in subdirectories])
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 18:37:57 GMT
Henri Gomez wrote:

>> Ant can't be an MBean server - the 'server' is one implementation of JMX
>> ( like MX4J or JMXRI ). Ant can register itself ( Project, Task ) and
>> it can register the tasks. And it can operate on Mbeans registered by
>> other programs.
> Hi Costin (and others).
> Being JMX aware is great but since ant is a run once application
> and not a service (ie like tomcat), what will be the use of a jmxized ant
> ?
> Or maybe you plan to use it embedded in a tomcat ;)

And is already used 'emebedded in jasper', and I think there are many
other cool features that would be enabled by more integration ( like
automatic rebuild of the app - including servlets, taglibs, etc - using
a build.xml file - I think that would be nice ). 

One use case is similar with anteater ( and tomcat33 ) - start tomcat
inside ant, do some tests, stop tomcat. I already added similar feature
for tomcat5 - but it would be very nice to have a consistent mechanism
based on JMX ( i.e. tomcat to be embeded as a jmx component ).

Another use case is related to automation of various tomcat config tasks.
Right now the manager app is used to deploy/stop/etc contexts. Using
jmx ( eventually over RMI or Soap ) you could do much more and control 
everything that is configurable in tomcat.

For long-running ant - or 'build services' - there are few solutions 
already available, and JMX ( i.e. a consistent API plus integration with
different generic GUIs) would simplify their lifes. 
( you could use any of the JMX tools to invoke targets, set properties, 


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