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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject [embed] few changes in xml processing
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:28:58 GMT
I finally got everything to work with gump - and it seems
to be as good as the official run, so I'll start checking
in the changes.

There are few things:
1. ProjectComponentFactory / ProjectComponentHelper. Nothing fancy,
I intend to propose them for the main branch after more review. The
default is to call Project for unknown types - so everything that works
now will work the same, however any 'antlib' variant could be hooked
in ( including in ant1.5 )

2. An experimental TaskDiscovery that uses this hook and commons-discovery.
That's just for testing the concepts, will likely be changed/removed.

3. ProjectHelper: all project components will be lazy-loaded, via 
UnknownElement(2). Until now, some components were created imediately,
some were lazy ( those without <taskdef> ). The problem is that this
adds complexity to the parsing code - and has logic that shouldn't 
be there. A more uniform processing will simplify the programatic use
of ant - which is one of the goals of embed. 
I'll continue testing and hopefully remove the last special cases
( as long as it doesn't brake anything - and it shouldn't, since
the 'lazy' case was there already, only that it happened less often). 

4. I added ${} processing to text body. I hate <echo>${prop}</echo>
behaving differently from <echo message="${prop}"/>. I don't know
if this will ever get into the main branch, but I intend to keep it
in the proposal for a while, maybe I can convince people.

5. Split the compilation of 'core' components and those depending
on jxpat/velocity/etc.

6. implemented JxPath set task - just for fun.

I'm also trying to get JNDI dynamic properties and support a form
of ant:env context - that will provide a jndi interface into ant
properties and references ( and tasks and targets - later ), allowing
more power to tasks that do not extend Task but use TaskAdapter.


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