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From "Jason Westra" <>
Subject 2 upgrades
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 21:09:35 GMT
Hi guys,

I updated to include support for 2 new features:

1. Currently, it only supports the *actual* token name.  Now, it supports
any type of prefix or suffix to the token including Ant's prefix "${" and
suffix "}" for replaceable attributes.

New attributes:
useAntTokens (e.g., looks for '${' and '}')
tokenPrefix (e.g., '~!@', or '~', etc.)
tokenSuffix (e.g., '@!~', or '~', etc.)

2. Extended to use the Ant project's properties, which in effect, allows the
replace task to use any number of properties files including ones in the Ant
format (e.g., properties files including replaceable values like

New Attributes:

For clarity, I have included comment with my name '/** jwestra */ near the
code I modified/added to make these upgrades.  I hope you will accept these
changes into the next build.


Jason Westra
Evolution Hosting
1919 Fourteenth St, Suite 410; Boulder, CO 80302
tel: 303.998.1027
mob: 303.596.7623
fax: 509.479.5818

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