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From "Valerio Gentile" <>
Subject wljspc little question
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 15:13:17 GMT
Hi everyone.
I got a little-big question about the class-file-naming-convention weblogic uses while it
compiles java server pages (I'm trying to take care of wljspc optional task)
While it compiles jsp files, weblogic 5.1 creates directories under for instance c:\weblogic\myserver\classfile
and it names 'em with a prefix "_". The class file as well is named with a prefix. The strange
thing is that it seems that this prefix (the classfile prefix, I mean, not the directory-one)
depends on the weblogic installed service pack. 
I had sp9 in the wljspc task classpath, and the prefix was "_" (for example "_login.class").
Trying sp11, the prefix became "__" (for example "__login.class").
This is not terrible, because I suppose that people trying to compile jsp set the same classpath
as for weblogic instance (not talkin' of me... :-))
The thing is that wljspc task has a private method that tries to identify pages that need
to be rebuilt, and it does its job looking for the jsp class lastModified() info. Having "_"
(or "__") forced into this method, it looks for non-existent file, depending on service packs!!!
Then my question is:
does anybody know how I can get the right jsp-class-prefix, depending on the environment?
Otherwise, I'll have to avoid that "up-to-date file control", and rebuild always every jsp.
So, any suggestion?!?!
Thank's a lot in advance
Valerio Gentile
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