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From "Matt Bishop" <>
Subject RE: wljspc little question
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:04:52 GMT
I would not try to guess which classes were up-to-date and rather let wljspc recompile all
the source.  It isn't all that much slower to recompile everything, and one gets the added
benefit of properly picking up changed dependent classes.

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From: Valerio Gentile []
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 8:13 AM
Subject: wljspc little question

Hi everyone.
I got a little-big question about the class-file-naming-convention weblogic uses while it
compiles java server pages (I'm trying to take care of wljspc optional task)
While it compiles jsp files, weblogic 5.1 creates directories under for instance c:\weblogic\myserver\classfile
and it names 'em with a prefix "_". The class file as well is named with a prefix. The strange
thing is that it seems that this prefix (the classfile prefix, I mean, not the directory-one)
depends on the weblogic installed service pack. 
I had sp9 in the wljspc task classpath, and the prefix was "_" (for example "_login.class").
Trying sp11, the prefix became "__" (for example "__login.class").
This is not terrible, because I suppose that people trying to compile jsp set the same classpath
as for weblogic instance (not talkin' of me... :-))
The thing is that wljspc task has a private method that tries to identify pages that need
to be rebuilt, and it does its job looking for the jsp class lastModified() info. Having "_"
(or "__") forced into this method, it looks for non-existent file, depending on service packs!!!
Then my question is:
does anybody know how I can get the right jsp-class-prefix, depending on the environment?
Otherwise, I'll have to avoid that "up-to-date file control", and rebuild always every jsp.
So, any suggestion?!?!
Thank's a lot in advance
Valerio Gentile
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