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From Oscar Forero <>
Subject Enhance Clear case tasks
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 19:55:40 GMT

My name is Oscar Forero, I am a Java Developer in germany and we are 
starting to use Ant in our development enviroment, this week I was ask 
to do a change that will involve change a lot of classe, and I try to do 
the script with ant. To say it short ... I hit some limitations, like 
for example the Clear Case tasks donĀ“t work with file sets, which make 
very dificult to do any real work with them, I also see that the Fileset 
  elements always create a new instance of a DirectoryScanner which mean 
that for every task a deepscan wil be performed, which leads to very 
poor performance, and that is not possible to use fileset in Replace ...

To solve this I propose:

Enhance CC tasks to use Filesets.
Add a setRecyclable property to the Abstract File set, that will reuse a 
directory scanner if true.
Add a setFileSetRef property to the MatchingTask class, and use a 
reference to a fileset instead of the internal fileset is is set.

I did this changes and tested in my machine, it works and enhnace the 
speed of script that have to perform different tasks on the same file 
sets, this also solve the problem that the selection for the check out 
probably will not return the same files, this is an example of the kind 
of script that will benefit:

Check out 1000 files
Check in 1000 files

I attached the changed files, I will really appreciate if those changes 
are accepted ... or taking into considerations.

Best regards,

Oscar Forero.

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