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From Gus Heck <>
Subject Speaking of rights (was: Re: new p4 target)
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 15:57:01 GMT

> This way you will avoid your patch to silently disappear from the mailing
> list and make them hard to find. It will never be lost in bugzilla even
> though we might be slow to incorporate your patches. You have of course the
> right to complain loudly and say "my patches ! I need my patches to be
> applied !"

I would like to provide and example :)

My patches! I need my patches to be applied! (See bugzilla bugs 9808 and 

The one I care about the the most is 9808. I have figured out a method 
by which I could add an option for generating save files with relative 
symlinks too, but I am hesitant to keep balooning my patch without some 
real world testing. I am using an old ant 1.5beta1 with this patch at 
this point with no real problems.

Besides, I would like to point out that right now a new version is not 
due out for a long time. This is theoretically the best time to add new 
things. It is completely understandable that they didn't want to add a 
new feature in 1.5beta when I submitted it and the same "No new 
features" moratorium seemed to be at least partly in place for the 
entire 1.5.1 release. But now, I think things are moving toward 1.6. So 
isn't this the "New features now" time period?


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