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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: moving to a top-level project (was: [Ant nudge STATUS] Better than we thought...)
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 22:11:55 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:
> The Board passes a resolution establishing the PMC. That resolution defines
> who the members of the PMC are, and who the Chair is. Since the Board has
> very little visibility into the Ant community (i.e. who the stakeholders
> are), we'd look to them to provide the Board with the slate of people for
> the PMC.

<indignation type="mock">
Ahem.  Some of us have more visibility than others, perhaps.  :-P

> My personal recommendation is for a larger PMC (e.g. not limited to N
> people). In particular, the people who have been committers for a "long
> while" (basically, the long-time stakeholders in Ant). Over time, the PMC
> can vote to add new PMC members to itself.

Personally, I'd amend that (given my visibility into Ant community and 
all that) to be both long time *AND* currently active.  Few have been 
committers to Ant longer than I have, but this year I have done a few 
commits at most.  While I believe that I still have earned enough trust 
and respect to commit my own patches and vote on topics that I plan to 
actively participate in solving, I would not feel the slightest bit 
slighted if I were not included in the proposed PMC list.  (Rest assured 
that I will poke my head in from time to time anyway).

- Sam Ruby, Ant Committer, Board member, in that order.

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