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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject Re: Antelope 1.0 beta - Fast and correct Ant builds
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 10:01:51 GMT
> > Using depend and dependset right? But not by default.
> >
> > I thought it very interesting a commercial 'pluggable' replacement for
> > was being flogged with this as the only feature....
> Doesn't the javamake Ant plugin from do that?  It
would be
> trivial to cause the javac task to be an alias for the javamake task, no?

> <>
> Pity the javamake source isn't available and under an Apache style license

When I raised this on their forums, Omnicore said that JavaMake doesn't
always build correctly (under some pretty contrived circumstances, by the
sounds of it) and that it needs to rebuild everything when a constant is
changed (which I can believe). I still think it's bad of Omnicore to not
give that comparison on the front page though, where they have the
ridiculous apples-to-oranges single-data-point benchmark.

Oh, and while I'm talking about the forums - I personally believe that
they're going about things entirely the wrong way by replacing the *whole*
of Ant instead of supplying a library. They say that they need a patch to
the javac task in order to work, and that's fine - but it would be better if
they'd submit that patch to the main trunk. If you agree with me on this,
making some noise on their forums wouldn't hurt at all :) (It's under the
"license" thread, IIRC.)


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