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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject Re: Adding XMLCatalog support
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 20:26:51 GMT

I'm writing a task that will extract all deployment descriptors from an
EAR file.  All of our EJBs have their deployment descriptors in
META-INF/ejb-jar.xml, so we need to extract those to ${dest.dir}/[EJB
NAME]/META-INF/ejb-jar.xml.  Otherwise I'd just do several unzips with
patternsets & filesets.

The task reads in the application.xml to find all of the EJBs contained
within.  The execute() function sends the file (application.xml) off to
a helper fuction, createDom(), who returns a Document object from that

The error occurs in this chunk of code from createDom():

        // Step 1: create a DocumentBuilderFactory and configure it
        DocumentBuilderFactory dbf =

        // Step 2: create a DocumentBuilder that satisfies the
        // specified by the DocumentBuilderFactory
        DocumentBuilder db = null;

Specifically, that last line is the one throwing the NPE.


>>> 09/23/02 04:01PM >>>
Could you share some details of that NPE so we can track it down?

 From what I recall, I don't think you even need to call setProject,
that probably wouldn't hurt.


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