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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [embed] Standalone release ?
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 06:17:21 GMT
Erik Hatcher wrote:

> I'm +1 for a release of whatever components you'd like to push out.
> I'd like to see a binary version distributed as an alpha or beta.  I've
> yet to try it out myself - but I probably would if there was a binary
> release that I could easily drop in and cut-and-paste some documented
> examples to try out what it adds.

Right now the test.xml is the best example. Building is still tricky
( i.e. you need jxpath, etc ) - the dependecies are needed to enable
the tests.

After I finish testing my latest changes and commit - I can propose a
milestone and post the binaries. As allways, installing is just a matter
of copying it in ant/lib ( then the discovery/autoconf magic will do its 
work ).
> A better ant-lib is what we desperately need (if thats one of the things
> this adds?!).

Almost :-) 

My biggest goal right now is to add the _hook_ that will enable ant-lib.
That's ProjectComponentFactory/ProjectComponentHelper, plus some
changes in UnknownElement and RuntimeConfigurable to enable those
2 to work.

It is mostly done, but there are various small issues and I still have to
do a gump run on it.

( a lot of the challenge is in getting the hook work for ant1.5 - but
that turned to be easier than I expected ).

With the hook in place - we can discuss on layot and descriptors for the
'default' implementation, but any option will be open ( including for
third-party antlib modules ).

In other words - you can have a task that will call 
  ProjectComponentHelper.addFactory( ... ) 
and the factory will be asked when tasks are about to be created.

My preference for the 'default' antlib: I would like a simple option,
with a properties META-INF/ant/ ( or something similar ). 
Since we don't make distinction between tasks and types - we can 
easily use this. A second choice should be a proper XML file - with
basic author/description but it can also have special info for 
introspection ( i.e. mappings, etc ), doc, etc. I assume this will
take a longer time to stabilize and to get an agreement on.

I've started some experimental code using commons-discovery to 
load the META-INF/ant..., but that's not ready yet.


> Erik
> Costin Manolache wrote:
>> I just want to get some feedback from ant commiters.
>> embed is currently in proposal, and is an alternative implementation
>> of ProjectHelper hook, intended to work as an add-on to existing Ant1.5.
>> It provides some of the features that are already included in head
>> ( top level tasks, etc ), and some extra features that may be
>> adopted in 1.6 ( or not ).
>> I would like to propose moving embed out of sandbox and create
>> a standalone release for it, as an official ant module. Of the
>> existing features only some will be documented and supported,
>> i.e. those that are aproved for the next release ( like top level
>> tasks ).
>> My primary goal is to have a number of features and code adopted
>> for the next release of ant. A secondary goal is to have all those
>> features available to ant1.5, so people can use them right away.

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