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From Brian Deitte <>
Subject [PATCH] reenable jar's filesetmanifest
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 18:51:28 GMT
Hi, I finally got around to reenabling the filesetmanifest attribute on the jar task.  This
was disabled since in this case the manifest was not written to the zip file first, and this
causes problems with JarInputStream.  

I started to fix this bug by refactoring the Zip class so that the fileset parsing pieces
were in a different class... but this was taking to long.  I have the unfinished code around
(50-75% done) if anybody wants to try it themselves.  I ended up adding code to the Zip class
that allows two passes on the filesets, with the first pass not writing anything out to the
outputstream.  This allows all the manifest information to be gathered up and written first
on the second pass.  I ran the appropriate tests and tried some cases out myself.  Diffs attached.

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