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From "Shatzer, Larry" <>
Subject [PATCH] various doc patches
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 20:50:13 GMT
The following patch does the following:

1. Normalizes examples to all use same style for closing xml tags. No more
spaces before > or />, for consistency. (It also updates build.xml to
reflect this)

2. Fixes instances where > was used instead of &gt; (Whipped up a quick perl
script to test for this, which can be provided)

3. At least one spot where </> was used instead of <tagname/>

4. One file had messed up line endings.

5. Updates Copyright to include 2002 if 2001 was the latest year.

6. A few spots where > was in the wrong spot (before the tag should have
been closed off)

7. Cleaned up at least one documents examples to use <pre>.

8. A few misc spots where HTML entities needed to be tweaked.

Things not addressed by this patch:

How should multi line tags closing /> or > be placed. That is a bit of a
holy war. ;) Same with spacing of name=values on multi-line.

Why this patch was done:

I find it nicer if all the examples follow a consistent style, and found a
few other things to fix while doing this.

Also, if some of this patch is too zealous, let me know, I can submit more
conservative patches for specific problems.

-- Larry

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