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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: Easily compare two XML files -> favor to ask.
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 13:38:14 GMT
I have a silly favor to ask of everyone.

When you ask a question, can you please use a question
in the subject? Like so many subject lines
I've seen over the years, I saw this subject, thought
"wow, that's something I could use" only to open the
e-mail to find it wasn't offering the method to compare XML files,
it was asking for a way to do it. If the subject had been
"How can I easily compare two XML files?" I would have known
it was a question, instead of (apparently) a statement of fact.

Or, are e-mails not subject to the standard rules of grammar
and punctuation?

Knowing my response borders on flaming (I'm not meaning to flame,
just asking folks to use standard grammar and punctuation) I did
wait until someone responded with some suggestions... wrote:
> I have an ant unit test that needs to easily compare two XML files.
> I could simply do a standard file comparison, but it would seem a bit more
> robust to compare the XML element values instead.
> One thought is to make two DOM objects and see if the DOM object has an
> appropriate equals method.
> I haven't used an XML parser in Java for a year or so, and would like to
> avoid spending an hour dragging up the appropriate documentation and
> reminding myself of the exact syntax necessary.  Can anyone provide a few
> helpers here.  Just knowing where to find documentation for whatever
> version of Xerces is in the jar files distributed with Ant would be
> helpful.
> James Lee Carpenter
> Software Engineer
> Household Technical Services
> 6602 Convoy Court
> San Diego, CA 92111
> ph: 858-609-2461
> email:
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