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From Karthik A Kumar <>
Subject [SUBMIT] - Doxygen - New Ant task - A Doc. gen. tool
Date Sun, 25 Aug 2002 08:54:51 GMT
Hi All,
    I have developed a new ANT task for the software doxygen, a document
generation tool. ( a great tool i would say ). Please visit for more information. 

I am releasing the source code under Apache Software license 1.1. ( The source
and the test files contain them right on top) .
The task doesnt depend on any GPL / LGPL code.
The source code that I had written complied with Java Coding guidelines laid
down by Sun.
All the member variables are private and provide public accessor methods. 
I have written the test cases ( ). The test cases are found to
comply with JUnit 3.8 released recently ( Aug 23 2002 ). 
I have written the documentation for the same. 
As far as possible I have prevented re-inventing the wheel, like this uses
Execute task to execute the external process ( i mean doxygen ) etc.

The ANT task supports doxygen v 1.2.17 the most recent version of the software.
The advantage of this task is that it uses doxygen internally as regard to the
configuration files.

For now I have put the software here - 

I am attaching a gzipped-tarball ( 55K )  of the tree. Kindly refer to the
README and FILES first to know the structure of the distribution tree. It
contains details of the test cases and the docs. 

I would like this to be included in the optional tasks of the next version of
Ant.  Kindly let me know what else need to be done from my end to get that

Thanks in advance for your time.


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