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From Ernst de Haan <>
Subject Re: API documentatio not online!
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 12:59:24 GMT
> 1. The Ant website is maintained in CVS. This is how most of the Jakarta
> website is stored. To make the manual available would require it to be
> checked in. (OK, it may not be absolutely necessary - more later). That is
> possible although somewhat tedious to maintain.

Indeed it should not be necessary to check this in. Perhaps the following 
would be a solution:

o Person P is responsible for updating the Javadoc every time a new
  release is released
o The API documation goes into a certain directory D on a webserver W (does
  not need to be necessarily
o Only person P is able to write into directory D on W

> 2. The API docs are about 17 Meg.

If disk space is an issue, then I'm willing to provide P (me) and W (either or or whatever)

> 3. All Ant users have a copy of the API as part of their install anyway.
> While making it available online is nice, it is not strictly necessary.

Not all Ant users. And even if this were so, there is currently no way to 
reference the API documentation online. I've written a custom task and I 
would like to reference the Ant API documentation. See:

> 4. Disk space & bandwidth are not unlimited at Apache. These will be
> increased over time but as you know things expand to fill the available
> space :-)

Okay, then let me provide the API documentation and link to it from the 
Apache site. :)

Otherwise, the link to the API docs should just be removed IMHO. I know it's 
a placeholder for local installations, but then it shouldn't be online. How 
hard can it be to make a distinction between the website and a local 
installation? ;)

Kind regards,

Ernst 'Willing-To-Help' de Haan

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