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From "Rob van Oostrum" <>
Subject [PATCH] cvstagdiff now parses rdiff output correctly for ampersand modules
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 22:06:18 GMT
Having split up our project into 6 CVS modules, we have an umbrella module
defined in CVSROOT/modules to make build tagging and such a bit easier:

all &scripts &ecx &app &schema &model &immapp

When I want to run a cvstagdiff as part of a build, I want to do this on the
'all' module rather than on each module individually, so as to get one
comprehensive report.

The parsing error occurs when the task parses the temp file containing the
rdiff output. It takes the package name (in this case 'all') to determine
how much to chop off from the start of the line, when the actual module name
in the output is not 'all' but the name of the underlying module. The parser
shouldn't trim any of this off, since from the view of the 'all' module,
this is the relative location of the file in question.

Desired behavior would be that it should only trim the first directory level
if it matches the package/module name that the rdiff is being run on.


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