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Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/src/main/org/apache/tools/ant/helper
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 13:15:02 GMT
On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:

> I will try to present a different argument on how to view this problem:
> If you take a look at *MAKE* one option they have and we do not is
> (I think) -n which allows to run the makefile without executing the commands.

That's a good idea. 

I'm not sure about the proposed implementation, and how to keep things

I don't know any task that needs this - all are either 'dry' or active.
So a marker interface ( or method signature for 'TaskAdapted', 
ant-independent beans ) whould be enough.


> This is easy in MAKE because of the separation between shell lines whose
> execution is controlled by this option, and variable declarations and such
> still executed by MAKE. What we need is this functionality. With that, we could
> have a "-dryrun" option that executes nothing (almost nothing) and it could be
> used by the "-projecthelp" option in order to get the behaviour we are fighting about.
> So here is my view on how to achive this in ANT1.x:
> 1) Add a new method to the basic Task definition:
>     public void executeDryRun() { /* Defined as do nothing  but could just log something
*/ }
> 2) Modify the perform() method to either call "execute()" or "executeDryRun" depending
> on the type of execution.
> 3) Modify things that we think should be evaluated during a dryrun as follows:
>     public void executeDryRun() { execute(); }
> 4) Make -projecthelp implicitly set -dryrun.
> With this, I think we can solve all the issues: keep <import> working fine, 
> keep the -projecthelp camp happy, get some new useful functionality out of all this,
> and it is easy to document ("The <property> task executes on dry runs").1
> Makes it very simple and understandable.
> Please lets agree on something and move on.
> Jose Alberto
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