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From "Kurien Mathew" <>
Subject RE: Exception with <mail> task
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 04:23:06 GMT
> Actually, no, now that I think about it. They're in optional.jar, but
> that's not really where this stuff should be, since <mail> is a core task,
> or at least, it's listed that way in the manual. So either the doc needs
> to be fixed, or the distribution.
> In the meantime, do you have optional.jar and the two external jar files
> that this task needs (see the "Library Dependencies" section under
> "Installing Ant")?

However there is still the NullPointerException because the 'Message' does
not have its 'Project' set.

For the time being I have it working after making the following change to

            // a valid message is required
            if (message == null) {
                message = new Message();
---->       message.setProject(project);

            // an address to send from is required
            if (from == null || from.getAddress() == null) {

Not sure if the change suppressed the message "[mail] Failed to initialise
MIME mail" since I dont see it in the log anymore.

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