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From stephan beal <>
Subject Re: why no workie: adding attributes to Project
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2002 14:31:48 GMT
On Wednesday 17 April 2002 15:33, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> Well, your custom BuildListener/Logger could do anything you want, really.
> I've never seen it used to launch another target when a build failed, and I
> would suspect there would be some issues with doing this and would not
> recommend it. 

The reason i wanna do that is to send my compile log via email even if the 
build fails. Right now i have to turn off failonerror for <javac> so my email 
target gets run even if there are compile errors. i don't _really_ want to do 
that, though, because then i cannot tell if the build really failed. If it 
does not fail, i'd like it to continue and copy the output files to our test 
server. As it stands now i've got to monitor the build, make sure it 
succeeded, then start the upload manually. Not a big deal, just a minor 

> Its certainly not quite the same as what you were getting at, but try/catch
> or the logger/listener approach is much better than tweaking with Project,
> which is a change you will have to maintain yourself forever and would not
> become part of the core Ant 1.x codebase.

Just like my cvs cdata patch, so one more patch won't kill me. ;) True, i'd 
rather avoid that, so....

>From Peter Donald:
> I would *highly* recomend using the TryCatch task as I have have 
> been using a version for a while now and it covers almost all my 
> error handling needs. I 
> haven't used the task at sourceforge but I vaguely recall Stefan 
> describing it and I thought it was better than what I was using :)

That'll be my next stop, thanks :). i think that'll be more suitable for some 
other things i'm currently kludging around, too.

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