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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject [VOTE] Ant 1.5 Release Plan
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 17:06:57 GMT
I feel that we have made quite some progress after releasing
Ant 1.4.1 to warrant a new release.  We have added a bunch
of new functionality and fixed a good number of existing
problems as well.  Kudos to all those who participated.

I would like to call for a vote on moving towards a release
of Ant 1.5.

Here is the tentative timeline that I propose:

April 13: Complete gathering votes for move-towards-release 

If proposal passes,

Till April 30: Complete planned activities (based on to-do list) 
               on Ant 1.5Alpha
May 1st Week : Release Ant 1.5Beta1
Rest of May  : *Bug* fixes to Ant 1.5Alpha, if any.
June 1st Week: Release Ant 1.5Beta2, followed by *bug* fixes, if any.
June 4th Week: Vote on Ant 1.5 Release.
July 1st Week: Release Ant 1.5

I would be willing to make an attempt at being the
Release Manager.  However, if somebody else is
interested, I would *really welcome it* as I 
expect to be extremely busy this Spring and Summer
(as you would have perhaps already noticed by my 
sparse presence in the list the past few weeks).
In other words, if nobody else wants to bite the 
bullet, then, I will (see how bad I want 1.5 out 
the door? ;-)

Anyway, send in your votes for:

1. Proposal to move towards releasing Ant 1.5 (+1)
2. Proposed timeline (+1)
3. Magesh as Proposed Release Manager (+0) (+1, if no other
   committer volunteers).

*  Dictionary: A place where success comes before work.  *

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