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From stephan beal <>
Subject Re: PATCH: cvs <commandline> implementation
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 10:13:25 GMT
On Monday 25 March 2002 10:56 am, Diane Holt wrote:
> --- stephan beal <> wrote:
> > i'll just put it this way: i've been programming since i was 12 years
> > old, and i found it confusing.
> Well, not knowing how old you are now... (not asking, just making a point


> But an old shell-hacker like you should be completely familiar with:
> [ $FOO ] && echo "FOO is set to any old thing, including false"

Yes, but only because a non-empty string explicitely evaluates to "true" in 
bash/perl (unless it's the string "0").

> Imagine for a moment that you didn't implement this functionality, but
> have only inherited a build file with that construct, and you're new to
> Ant and CVS, then tell me you'd be able to intuit it represents an
> implicit foreach.

That was exactly the case - i hadn't touched ant until about 2 weeks ago 
(though i wasn't new to CVS), and needed foreach behaviour on a list of cvs 
files (to specific versions - that was what the cvs task didn't do, which i 
needed). The most intuitive way to implement it, to me, was the 
one-command-per-line. It would have never occured to me to implement it using 
<commandline> and nested args, since that's so cumbersome to write (and i'm 
working from an Ant User's perspective). You're right, the optional foreach 
task would have sufficed just fine but... hacking's in my blood... i couldn't 
resist ;).

> < (and that would include almost anyone working with ant, i would hazard
> > to guess).
> But that guess would most likely be wrong. Take a look at all the optional
> SCM tasks, and you'll get an idea of how many different systems are in use
> out there.

But my changes only apply to the Cvs task, and anyone using that task is 
likely to be familiar with Cvs (at least the common commands as they are 
presented in WinCVS).

----- stephan
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"...control is a degree of inhibition, and a system which is perfectly
inhibited is completely frozen." -- Alan W. Watts

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