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From stephan beal <>
Subject PATCH: AbstractCvsTask
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:05:24 GMT
- refactored a bit. execute() now calls protected runCommand(), then handles 
character data by calling setCommand()/runCommand() for each line of cdata. 
This change was a cleaner way than doing the stupid 
horribleProcessCDataKludge i had in there yesterday, and also helps 
subclasses a bit, i think.

Patch attached.

Other than the refactoring it's functionally the same as the patches from 
last night:
status build.xml
up -r 1.7 subproject.xml
diff -u src/main/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs

(and since Recorder/RecorderEntry now support the -emacs flag (and 
emacsmode='true|false'), any patches created this way could be easily snarfed 
from the build log file (assuming emacsmode).

i'll add support for nested <command> elements once i've gotten more 
comfortable with the API.

Does this format sound okay:

<command line="....."/>
<command line="....."/>
<command line="....."/>
<command line="....."/>
(using 'line' to be consistent with the syntax from <exec>'s args)

maybe an optional attribute:
<command line="....." outputfile="..."/>

that would allow creating patches via:
<command line="diff -u ${my.patched.files}" outputfile="mypatches.patch"/>


And idea for an extension on this would be multiple types of nested elements:
<diff revision="1.3" file="...."/>
<update revision="3.4" files="...."/>
though a fileset would be more proper, it would be 
Bad to have a revision of other than HEAD with multiple files in an update.
In diff it'd be okay, though.

Of course, i'm getting ahead of myself here. ;)

----- stephan
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