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From stephan beal <>
Subject Re: updated patch set
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 09:34:33 GMT
On Friday 22 March 2002 05:05 am, Diane Holt wrote:
> > <cvs command='up -r some/'/>
> > <cvs command='status some/other/'/>
> >
> > (My patch is essentially just a foreach wrapper around this exact
> > syntax.)
> Right -- which is why, personally, I never really thought it was all that
> terribly useful (but you were so excited about it, I didn't want to say
> anything :) 

LOL! i did get excited, didn't i? Never worry about being too blunt with me - 
it's not possible.

> and why I sent you that build file, before you started coding
> all this, that does use <foreach> and solves the problem that way (it
> doesn't even require gen'ing something like the above, just having your
> gen'd text file be comma-separated instead of new-line separated.

i got pedantic about using "optional" tasks - i wanted to limit myself to the 

> > If you had to hand-write, or write code that would automate the
> > generation of your xml, which of the two above syntaxes would you
> > prefer to work with?
> But that's not really the best point -- I'd prefer being able to just tell
> my computer in plain English what I want it to do and let it figure out
> how to do it on its own, but...

And i'd rather tell it in shell code ;). Well, or commands the app 
understands "natively."

> > i also plan on adding support for reading the command list from a file.
> But, again, that was already part of the <foreach> solution I offered you.

Basically, except that it requires an optional task.

> You gen your text file (with comma-separated entries instead of each on a
> line), read that file into a property using <loadfile>, then ship each one
> off to the (as-it-currently-exists) <cvs> task.

That's not as generic, though. What if i have this command:
-m "some comment about my commits, which don't mean much" Some file

If that's in an attribute, i have to take special care when 
(programmatically) constructing and splitting the string (the "," may screw 
it up, plus the quotes in the command have to be dealt with). It's simply 
more work, and more error prone, and i'm looking to avoid both of those. A 
one-line-per-command solution is, IMO, as simple simple as it gets.

> Personally, I'd rather see people solving their needs by using what's
> already available, than us tricking out every task to try and do
> everything and anything.

Fair enough.

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