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From <>
Subject Re: Tasks, DataTypes and Factories
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 00:18:05 GMT
On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Peter Donald wrote:

> I vaguely remember we voted against URI namespace support in ant2 and instead 
> voted for namespace support similar to javas "import" namespace. I am not 
> sure if that is changed.

I vaguely remember W3C voted for namespace support in XML :-)

I'm not sugesting that ant should require namespaces, or get into the 
religious discussion about the meaning of a namespace. 

I'm just saying they are part of the xml standard, and
it's a good idea to design the task factory API with namespace
( in the generic sense ) in mind. If it's going to be
a java-style package name or something else - it doesn't matter
from the point of view of the factory interface. 

> > BTW, a 'namespace' is not an XML thing - it's a way to group
> > tasks ( same as a package name in java, etc ). Having a flat
> > naming for tasks doesn't scale very well.
> Nope - but we don't have to couple to URI directly. Reverse DNS naming of 
> java packages or C#s namespace seems to work well and is reasonably familiar 
> to most developers using ant.

I agree, the semantic of the namespace is not my issue. The default
for ant1 is clearly no namespace, and that should continue to be 
supported, but for user-defined components ( some maybe using 
the task factory ) it's important to leave the door open.

> > Yes, the factory should return a ProjectComponent - be it a Task or
> > DataType. It may return an adapter - i.e. TaskAdapter, or a DataType
> > adapter.
> But all adapters extend ProjectComponent, right?

Right. I'll change the interface.

> > Regarding classloader - there is no need to modify anything else in ant.
> > You can plug in a TaskFactory that implements/uses whatever class loader
> > and policy it wants - no other piece of ant cares about this as long
> > as it is consistent.
> You sure. Thats what I thought until I started to implement it ;)

I'm very sure, no need to worry about that. 

> > It would be very good to have myrmidon and mutant factories wrapped and
> > usable with ant1.5 - and I think making this work is essential, so
> > if there's anything missing let me know.
> The factory interface as it stands is fine - the tricky bit will be how the 
> factorys are registered. I don't think your proposal addresses that just yet?

Oh, that's trivial. Just 1 method in Project - 
addProjectComponentHelper(), and all helpers will be called before 
defaulting the Class.

It's exaclty how normal task registation take place - a task like
taskdef can register new tasks - or task factories.

Well, probably a better solution would be to move all the code
from createTask/createType in a DefaultProjectComponentHelper,
so Project code will be cleaner and simpler - I'll try this 


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