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From <>
Subject Re: ProjectHelper
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 14:45:42 GMT
On 5 Mar 2002, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> > -1 on defaulting to SAX2 and thus breaking backwards compatability
> +1 on defaulting to SAX2 if the parser is a SAX2 XMLReader, otherwise
> fall back to SAX1.
> What backwards compatibility problems do you expect, Peter?
> Costin, ProjectHelper didn't use any SAX2 classes in Ant 1.4.1.  I
> have introduced them to add support for AElfred some weeks ago.
> Since we explicitly require JAXP 1.1 we can savely assume that the
> SAX2 classes are on the classpath, but I'm not sure whether this
> implies that the parser must support SAX2 as well.

JAXP1.1 requires SAX2 ( 'a jaxp1.1 implementation must support sax2, 
xslt1.0, dom?.?' ).

However I think I can reverse your change ( that 'masks' a SAX2 XMLReader
as a SAX1 Parser ) and mask a SAX1 parser as a XMLReader ( using the
ParserAdapter ). 

If dependency on SAX2 APIs is acceptable, then this will not break 

Peter, is this ok ? I have no problem with detecting if SAX2 is 
not available and switching back to ProjectHelperImpl ( and using 
ProjectHelperImpl2 if SAX2 is detected ).


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