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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: [Bug 7153] - Need additional Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Tasks
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 08:18:23 GMT
> > Surely you don't need the bits that you can't compile, do 
> > you? Note that I don't believe most committers can compile 
> > all of Ant, either. Why not just compile the bits you need 
> > and use just those?
> If it were just for my personal use, I would do it. But this 
> is the version used by a large project.
> It is already a concern that we are using Alpha due to 
> patches needed for <ejbjar> and the like.
> If then I have to change the version of ANT everytime someone 
> decides to use some additional task
> that is going to be a problem. I prefer a nightly build from 
> GUMP that at least has all the parts (or as much as possible 
> in there).

Well, it would only be if they needed an additional task which was optional and which couldn't
be compiled without existing libraries - I wouldn't have thought that would happen *that*

> Whould it be possible for ANT to tell which parts are off, 
> something like
>     ant -version
>     Apache Ant version 1.5alpha compiled on March 10 2002
>     Missing modules:
>         this
>         this
>         and that
> Then at least one would know what is not there. Just a thought.

I think it would be easier to tell what *is* there, to be honest - and I would expect this
to be part of Ant2, which is hopefully going to be more modular to start with.

It would possibly be nice to be able to specify prerequisite modules in a build file, and
Ant could check upfront whether they were present or not. (It already does this in terms of
checking that all the tasks are defined, but this could give a "higher level" view of it.)


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