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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: PATCH: cvs <commandline> implementation
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:10:36 GMT
I've resisted posting about this, but I can't resist anymore ;-)

Frankly, I fell in the <target if='something' /> trap when I started using

Somehow I assumed it had to be defined to true/yes/1 for the if condition to
evaluate to 'true', and never though about an 'is-set?' behavior. Don't ask
me why. Now I'm fine with it, but back then I can't tell you how much that
bugged me. Maybe I hadn't wrapped my mind around ANT or was too used to
makefiles. --DD

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From: 	Diane Holt [] 
Sent:	Monday, March 25, 2002 3:09 AM
To:	Ant Developers List
Subject:	Re: PATCH: cvs <commandline> implementation

--- stephan beal <> wrote:
> Just as there's nothing to indicate that <target if='foo'> depends on
> 'if'  having ANY value (as opposed to boolean true)...

On the contrary, I think it says exactly what it does: If the property
named 'foo' exists (ie., if(foo), ie., if 'foo' is set, which is the only
way a property can exist). If it were if='${foo}' and didn't care about
the value being true/false, then it might be confusing, but the value
never comes into it, since the property isn't referenced that way, so I
think it's perfectly understandable without ever even knowing there -is-
any documentation, much less having to read it.


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