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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Patch Task enhancement
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 19:38:19 GMT
Hi Magesh,

Given your comments on the provided Patch, and the long thread that's been
going on the past few days about [PATCH] and [SUBMIT] messages being
incomplete, I personally think that writing some kind of tutorial on how to
submit patch or new task would *greatly* improve the quality of the
submissions. The checklist / guidelines you refer to helps some, but for
most people (like me) who have programming skills, but no experience of open
source development, one or a few tutorials would be a tremendous boost. This
may actually improve the productivity of committers (for incorporating
patches / submits) in the long run.

Two tutorials that immediately come to mind are:
* Adding one or more attribute to an existing task.
* Adding a new task and/or data type.

They would cover things like we're to modify the doc, how to generate it to
make sure it's correct (xdoc is not savadoc), how to generate the patch set,

Easier said than done of course, but from my view point, I'm not sure I'll
ever venture into trying to submit of Patch to ANT after all I've read
recently, having just the checklist to sort it out. As committers, you guys
are obviously well organized bright people, and maybe forget that it can be
hard to achieve your level of thoroughness. I'm not asking to lower the
standard of patch submissions, just helping the smocks like me out there
raise to its challenges.

Thanks, --DD

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From: 	Magesh Umasankar [] 
Sent:	Wednesday, March 20, 2002 1:09 PM
To:	Ant Developers List
Subject:	Re: Patch Task enhancement

From: "Thanou Thirakul" <>

> Hello all,
> I noticed that Patch task does not allow the user to specify what
> in which the task will execute (what directory to apply the patch). I
> modified the class to optionally take the directory in which the task will
> execute. If the user don't specify the directory, the task is executed
> "basedir" location.
> So the usage add-on is..
> Parameter: dir
> Required: no
> Description: specify what directory in which the patch will execute
> Usage:
> <patch patchfile="module.1.0-1.1.patch" dir="mydir/subfolder1" />
> Attached is the source file.
> Please let me what you all think about this minor enhancement.

Hello Thanou,

A few comments on patch:

* Patch must be suplied in unified diff format
  (Using "cvs diff -u" is preferred).
* Patch Set must contain patches to documentation
  as well (again in Unified diff format).
* Patches must contain JUnit testcases to get
  applied to CVS HEAD faster.
* Code must be properly indented using 4-space-indents.

Please read Checklists section at:

> Thanou Thirakul


* Wisdom comes to those who live long enough *
* to see things twice.                       *

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