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From Cyrille Morvan <>
Subject Re: [Contribution] EJB Hot deployment task
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 05:10:24 GMT
At 11:29 PM 3/24/2002 -0500, you wrote:
> > - in EjbDeploy :
> > instead of using a String to store the action, you should use a class
> > implementing
> > EnumeratedAttribute, so Ant could check the value, and the HotDeploy Tasks
> > could share the action names.
> > ( see EjbJar.NamingScheme )
>Would it be possible that actions are app. server-specific?  Probably not,
>but I thought the same thing you mentioned when I was looking at it and
>figured it could possible be useful to have it more loosely defined.  But
>maybe not.

I included HotDeploy functionality for JOnAS into JBuilder 5 Ent.
Borland people decided that (from the menu) you can :

Start and stop the container
Undeploy, redeploy or deploy an application,
and list the applications already deployed. That's all.

For other actions, I think the best way is to develop a task to manage the 
application server ;
using proprietary tools or the new J2EE Management extension ?

Every people agree, Jakarta could not support each application server vendor.
In Ant 2, I hope it will be possible to use the javax.deployment interface, if
vendors implement it ...

Ant 2 should be compatible with Ant 1 ?
In my opinion, Ant 2 should include a j2eedeploy (ejbdeploy?) task with a 
default implementation
using the javax.deployment interface, and a j2eemanage (ejbmanage?)
and vendor could plug new sub-components.

Cyrille Morvan
Still in texas (no move)

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