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From Cyrille Morvan <>
Subject RE: [Contribution] EJB Hot deployment task
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 04:20:27 GMT
Hi Christopher,

I tried to develop a JonasHotDeploy task for Apache Ant, and I have several 
comments (too) :

- in EjbDeploy :
instead of using a String to store the action, you should use a class 
EnumeratedAttribute, so Ant could check the value, and the HotDeploy Tasks 
could share the action names.
( see EjbJar.NamingScheme )

- is it possible to replace
ACTION_UPDATE = "update"
ACTION_REDEPLOY = "redeploy"
because you're already using the action names : deploy and undeploy .

- I don't understand the difference between the action DELETE and UNDEPLOY ??

- I need to add specific Java Virtual Machine arguments when I start the 
JonasAdmin tool.
I think, other vendors need it. Can you add a method :

protected String getJVMArguments();

- Vendors need specific classpath, so you can keep the general classpath 
(in EJbDeploy),
but you must add a specific classpath for each vendor implementation.
And I want to construct a vendor ClassPath for JOnAS.
You should add these methods to the AbstractEjbHotDeploymentTool

public setClasspath(Path);
public Path getClasspath();
protected abstract Path getVendorClasspath();

- In EjbDeploy, you should move the user, password and serverUrl to the
AbstractEjbHotDeploymentTool, so we could use different password and url 
for each
application server.
I don't like the serverUrl name, ... can we use a more generic name : target ?
JOnAS doesn't support (I think), http url deployment. Do you like "target" ?

- is it possible to replace userName by username ? To respect Ant naming 
convention ?

That's all

Can you please send again as quick as possible a new version of your tool ?
So I will submit a JonasHotDeploy tool, maybe before the JBoss version !!! 
( hehehe ) .... :)))))
( A message for the JBoss developers who are reading me : I love you .... )

Cyrille Morvan
French student
Intern at Houston / Texas
Find JOnAS (Java Open Application Server ) :

At 01:38 PM 3/24/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks for the commit.  Regarding your issues:

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