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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Doxygen taskdef?
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2002 12:54:01 GMT

Want to have Class Diags generated by Ant targets?  Read on....

I'd be interested to know whether anyone has made an ant taskdef for 
Doxygen.  For those that do not know Doxygen is, amongst other things, a 
generator of class diagrams from source (or is it classes?).  This for 
many is one of the holy grails of project documentation.  See links 
below for exaples that are online.

Doxygen itself is a an executable but there are versions compiled for 
Unix and Win32.  It is also GPL, but given that it has a command line 
interface, we would not be in breach of GPL rules by launching it from 
within Apache Licensed taskdefs.  The user of Ant would merely have to 
download Doxygen to enable its use in a suitably equiped Ant.

Does anyone know of a team that has written a taskdef and may make it 
available to Apache?  Or of any reason why such an endeavour would be 

Some links :


  A list of projects using doxygen for diagrams (only one that is Java 

  That doxygen-using Java project :

  A sample diagram from that project:


- Paul H

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