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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: article: combining make and ant
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:46:59 GMT
stephan beal wrote:

> On Thursday 21 March 2002 15:20 pm, Conor MacNeill wrote:
>>stephan beal wrote:
>>>Another example of this is the fact that ant will (annoyingly) run a
>>>target multiple times if it's in multiple depends="..." lines. Make does
>>>not do this - it recognizes that a given dependency was already run and
>>>doesn't run it again. My 'init' target gets run multiple times (hosing my
>>>output log, since <record action="start"/> gets called multiple times)
>>>unless i do something silly like this:
>>><target name="init" unless="init.alreadydone">
>>>	<property name='init.alreadydone' value='true'/>
>>You are either use (overusing) antcall or passing in many targets on the
>>command line. Ant will "run" a target only once unless this is true.
> i'm using antcall, yes, but i don't think i'm over-using it. i have the 
> following setup:
> <target name="main" depends="init">
>         <antcall target="cvsupdate"/>
>         <antcall target="dbclasses"/>
>         <antcall target="slabdbclasses"/>
>         <antcall target="compile"/>
>         <antcall target="maillog"/>
> </target>

What about

<target name="main" depends="init, cvsupdate, dbclasses, slabdbclasses, compile, 


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