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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: [Bug 6857] - jar manifest copies mf files wrong
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 13:06:16 GMT
Jose Alberto,

> Can we make sure that our own code actually understand the jars as you are 
> constructing them? Does this works with AntClassLoader? How about 
> URLClassLoader?

URLClassLoader should definitely work. AntClassLoader does not use Class-Path 
entries in the manifest but it certainly should. There is a bug covering this.

> I also think it is important to have a way to request that at least the 
> classpath be left alone as a long line. There is too much code outthere that t 
> does not follow this obscure spec. 

I don't know if I would call it an obscure spec. Certainly the jar command that 
comes with the JDK and the Manifest classes in the JDK follow the spec.

> Can anyone give me a good reason why there 
> is this need for 72 char lines in manifests? Is someone concerned about overrun 
> buffers in java? (just a retorical question).

Well, parts of the spec are based on a mail RFC (RFC822) and I guess the line 
lengths come from there. I can't see the reason. There is a prohibition on 
headers that start with From too.

How big should it be. There is in fact a limit in the JDK code on how big a line 
can be when reading in a manifest.

> How about a "strict='true'" attribute that when true follows the 72 char split
> and lives lines alone when false.

Since the JDK jar command is behaving in the same way as the <manifest> code, 
I'm not sure we should establish a less compliant approach.

> I know this is changing the subject a little, but it would be fantastic if we 
> could add a <classpathset> fileset element that constructs the Class-Path line
> from a list of jars. I could provide a patch if people think it would be a good 
> idea.

I had though of adding a <classpath> element and allowing it to take a reference 
to a Path object. Not sure I follow how you would do it. Can you expland on that?



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