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From dIon Gillard <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] XCatalog - Fixed bugs in
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 08:51:22 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:

> dIon Gillard wrote:
>> Found a bug or two :) in XCatalog during testing. I've started the 
>> test cases for it, as well as the XSLTProcess task. Once I get them 
>> to a reasonable state, I'll submit those as well.
> Dion,
> I've made most of the changes but I am taking this opportunity to 
> checkstyle the affected classes which has taken me longer than expected. 

Speaking of which, there's no checkstyle target in ant's build file. How 
do you guys feel about one being added in? Personally at least knowing 
that there are 1000s of variations from the coding standard gives some 
doc-aholic a chance to contribute :)

> I have changed the createXCatalog method to addXCatalog - should not 
> affect things and may support polyrolism more easily. 

Is there any info on the difference between the two? I used 
createXCatalog because theoretically there should only be one catalog 
for the task. I haven't (yet) made that an exception in the code, but 
that was the intention.

Also, in the joys of writing these, one of the things I thought about 
was adding a target or two to the build file:
    - gen-task (Generates skeleton code for a task, including test build 
file, source code and testcase)
    - gen-type (Similar but for data types)

> I'll finish this tomorrow.
> Conor 


dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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