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From "Craeg K. Strong" <>
Subject [PROPOSE] More candidates for Ant 1.5...
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2002 23:00:17 GMT

I have not been monitoring ant-dev as closely these days,
so please let me know if any of this is redundant.   In any event, I 
believe the
following would be some really nice additions for a 1.5 release:

1) First off, is it true that there is already a general entity resolver
capability in ant?   I saw mention of an XCatalog datatype.  That is a good
start -- perhaps we could add the capability to point to a file in addition
to nested elements, the same way properties can be specified in line
or via a file.

2) URIResolver for <style> task.  This would allow for things like resolving
URNs in XML documents.  This is incredibly useful for doing content 
where you have lots of little document fragments that refer to each 
other.  By using
URNs, you can avoid hardcoding URLs that might change.  I am not sure
whether this is best done as an optional extension to the <style> task 
or as a datatype
like XCatalog above.  Are there other tasks that could use this capability?

3) Integration with XSLTC.   Precompiling XSLT stylesheets to Java 
bytecode "translets"
apparently provides something on the order of a 600% performance 
The <style> task could be enhanced to optionally precompile the 
stylesheets, such that
after the first time, each new transformation would be much faster.

4) Enhancements to <description> tag.   Not sure how high a priority 
this one is.
Until GUIs like antidote become more common, simple text is probably 
good enough.
Once you have a GUI, it might be nice, however, to have HTML markup or 
structured text
or some such in <description>.

Well, that is my 2cents worth.   I hope to have some time to actually 
work on this stuff in a few
weeks.   My gut feeling is that 1.5 won't be released for another two 
months or so, so that might actually
be ok timing?   Anyway, I wanted to get some sense from the list as to 
a) relative priorities of the
above, and b) implementation advice: it seems the code base has been 
refactored a good bit, so my
knowledge is now out of date...

Thanks in advance,


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