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From Zhou Wu <>
Subject exec 's pitfall and suggestion
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2002 06:33:15 GMT

  If we look at the Ant's code, we know
it uses several different launchers. Particularly, it
uses Java13CommandLauncher for JDK1.3 or later.
However, this has at least one problem for .bat on

Suppose we have a test.bat file and use
<exec exectuable="test" />, if we run ant in the same
directory with test.bat, it works OK (on windows 2000
and NT). If you run ant in a different directory but
put the test.bat in %path%, you have the CreateProcess
exception. If we use <exec exectuable="test.bat" />,
it works OK for later case. 

The problem I ran into is to use Visibroker's 
idl2java. Some versions of it use idl2java.exe, some
of it use idl2java.bat and on unix it uses idl2java,
so it has all variants.

In fact, if we don't use the Java13CommandLauncher,
the ant may work OK (I tried on windows 2000 and
JDK1.4.0) since it already handled most popular oses
so far.  Of course, the code has to be maintained if
there is any new OS to be handled.

 So the code may  be switched back so the developers
on windows may reduce some headaches about the <exec>.


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