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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: updated patch set
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 04:05:45 GMT
--- stephan beal <> wrote:
> 1) developer develops. Commits his code. That generates a CVS mail.
> 2) developer fwds me the cvs mail (it has the version of each file he
> wants 
> installed on the test server).
> 3) i run that through a script which generates cvs update commands.
> 4) <cvs>script's contents</cvs> does the work.
> That's simple to automate.

I dunno -- doesn't sound all that automated to me... :)

> Consider automating:
> <cvs>
>  <commandline>
>   <arg value="up"/>
>   <arg value="-r"/>
>   <arg value="some/"/>
>  </commandline>
>  <commandline>
>   <arg value="status"/>
>   <arg value="some/other/"/>
>  </commandline>
> </cvs>

I was more envisioning something like:
    <command args="up -r some/"/>
    <command args="status "some/other/"/>

I don't see that being any harder to gen than just a straight list -- a
bit more scripting, but not any harder.

> i cannot imagine many uses for the above syntax when someone
> could just do:
> <cvs command='up -r some/'/>
> <cvs command='status some/other/'/>
> (My patch is essentially just a foreach wrapper around this exact
> syntax.)

Right -- which is why, personally, I never really thought it was all that
terribly useful (but you were so excited about it, I didn't want to say
anything :) and why I sent you that build file, before you started coding
all this, that does use <foreach> and solves the problem that way (it
doesn't even require gen'ing something like the above, just having your
gen'd text file be comma-separated instead of new-line separated.

> If you had to hand-write, or write code that would automate the
> generation of your xml, which of the two above syntaxes would you
> prefer to work with?

But that's not really the best point -- I'd prefer being able to just tell
my computer in plain English what I want it to do and let it figure out
how to do it on its own, but...

> Seems more trouble than it's worth when you can simply dump it all in:
> <cvs><![CDATA[blahblahbalh]]></cvs>

But you didn't have it in a CDATA block -- yours was just hanging out
there all alone, and that's what struck me as odd-looking and out of
keeping with other tasks.

> i also plan on adding support for reading the command list from a file.

But, again, that was already part of the <foreach> solution I offered you.
You gen your text file (with comma-separated entries instead of each on a
line), read that file into a property using <loadfile>, then ship each one
off to the (as-it-currently-exists) <cvs> task.

Personally, I'd rather see people solving their needs by using what's
already available, than us tricking out every task to try and do
everything and anything.



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