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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [myrmidon] PATCH: PropertyResolver service.
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 22:38:57 GMT
On Sat, 9 Mar 2002 14:17, Darrell DeBoer wrote:
> * Continuing on with the PropertyResolution stuff, there have been some
> interesting ideas on this list in the past day or 2. What are thoughts on
> some things like:


> a) Syntax and behaviour for optional properties. Default behaviour is to
> throw an Exception for undefined properties, but we could possibly provide
> a mechanism whereby $!{propertyName} could return null (or, say,
> NULL_PROPERTY), and the configurer would simply ignore this attribute.
> b) Now that properties are mutable by default, there are many cases where
> we'll want behaviour similar to Ant1, whereby the value is only set if the
> property is undefined. I guess this can be done with a condition on the
> property task, but something simple and clean would be good ( a new task,
> or option on Property task).
> c) Different escaping behaviour. IMHO leaving a lone "$" sign would cause
> less user confusion than silently removing it. The only time a "$$" would
> be needed would be to escape a property definition (eg "$${" or "$$!{")

All looks interesting.

> d) Properties scoped at the Workspace, Project and Target level. (I stole
> this from "requested-features.html", but I'm sure there is a lot more to
> it!). How would these be differentiated? If propX is defined at the project
> level, and then again in a target, is the project property hidden, or
> modified (or is this disallowed)?

I think we should leave decisions about this till much later in evolution 
cycle as it will be an easy change and we should be able to play with it a 
bit more.

> e) Recursive property resolution, like
>             srcdir="${build.${current-project}.dir}".
> Not sure how useful this would be, but could always play around with it.

It should be relatively easy to enable this as PropertyUtil used to have 
support for this via a resolveRecusiveProperty method ...



Sorry, I forgot to take my medication today.

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